North wind

North Wind

Now the north wind’s blowing
and the clouds hang low.
When you close your eyes,
you can smell the snow.

O, the old year’s tired,
its days almost spent,
while the new year’s waiting
just around the bend.

Soon we’ll sing those songs,
say those good old rhymes.
Still our thoughts may wander
and stroll back in time.
To the days of worry
and other days so bright.
To the ones we love and
to the sleepless nights.

Take your time for dreaming,
take your time to smile.
Let the music soothe
your mind for a while.
And whoever listens,
far away or near:
We wish you a merry Christmas
and a happy new year.

Musik und Text: Horst Großnick
© krauthausen musikverlag, köln